Social Media Tips and Tricks to Optimize Your Music Business

Rakaputra Paputungan and Airin Efferin

1. Why does social media matter?

  • ODG Group Study shows that 74% of consumers rely on social media to guide their purchases
  • Your audience and your competitors are there
  • It provides data and insights into what your audience is interested in, and there are paid promotions to boost your goals

2. On the Marketing Funnel

  • My posts are being seen, but why hasn’t anyone signed up? Don’t worry, this is part of how things work in marketing and especially social media marketing.
  • What contents create Awareness? Program announcements, share-able contents (contents that other people can repost). Examples of share-able contents: useful tips and tricks to practice your instrument, fun quizzes, quotes.
  • What contents create Consideration? Program details (time, instructor / artist profile). Program benefits (what will the consumer get if they sign up or make a purchase?), adressing pain points (flexible schedule, personalized approach, testimonials from previous consumers) 
  • What contents create Conversion? Pricing tiers – just one rate of price might not work for everyone. Do you have promotions and special offers? Or maybe people don’t have to pay upfront, you can have several payment terms
  • What contents create Retention? Referral programs (bring a friend and you get more discounts), personalized greetings to build upon the relationship (birthdays, anniversaries, religious holidays)

3. How can your data and social media insights help you?

  • You can post during a time in which your audience is most active to get higher traction/traffic
  • You can make contents according to the age profile of your audience. If they are teenagers, have a BTS/Kpop related campaign, if they are older perhaps an 80s or 90s related campaign
  • You can make contents according to the gender profile of your audience (example: Ladies Specials)

4. Call-to-Action

  • This is very important because most people don’t realize you must always have a CTA in your content. CTA’s push immediate action more than just Likes
  • Examples of CTAs : Sign Up Now, Register ASAP, Buy Now, Subscribe

So here is our call-to-action: sign up for an upcoming Social Media course with instructor Rakaputra Paputungan!

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