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Practical Social Media Basics for Your Music Business

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In this increasingly digital era, social media has evolved from a diversion to a source of information and trust. In fact, 71% of people are more likely to purchase based on social media referrals. In this course, you will learn about digital marketing principles to reach your audience. Additionally, you’ll learn about applicable social media practices to nurture your clientele’s loyalty. It’s time to take your digital presence to the next level!

Class One – Digital Marketing and the Marketing Funnel

Introduction to digital marketing principles and the concept of marketing funnel as the fundamentals on how to approach social media.

Class Two – Facebook and Instagram Basics

Introduction to how Facebook and Instagram work, their similarities and differences, as well as the available features to leverage for music businesses.

Class Three – Building a Sustainable Social Media Plan

How to craft a social media plan that is both effective and achievable, as well as an introduction to helpful tools to plan and create content.

Class Four – Facebook and Instagram Ads 

How to run Facebook and Instagram ads, the insights available from those ads, and integrating paid ads with organic approach.

Rakaputra Paputungan or Raka is a public relations manager, certified digital media analyst, and performing arts enthusiast. In addition to his background in information systems, Raka graduated from RevoU’s Digital Marketing Course, an intensive digital marketing program. His social media work can be seen in Jakarta Performing Arts Community’s musical productions, where he worked with the media team to introduce Broadway musicals to the Indonesian public.

Students will be guided to set up their Instagram and Facebook accounts.