Susanna Saw
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Effective Choir Rehearsal Planning (for Children’s Choir): Recordings

SG $80.00SG $150.00

This course will help choir teachers adapt Kodály teaching ideas in their choir rehearsals. The sessions allow participants have a better understanding on how to design fun and effective warm-up sessions; how to draw out musical elements from the repertoire and transfer them into musicianship practices; and how to construct all teaching concepts into one effective rehearsal.

Sessions Topics Assignments
Session 1:

3rd March

1.      Understanding the purpose of vocal warm-ups

2.      Musicianship exercises

3.      Different settings of children’s choir

Session 2:

10th March

1.      Warm-up exercises (Stage 1)

2.      Musicianship exercises

3.      Repertoire selection

Session 3:

17th March

1.      Warm-up exercises (Stage 2)

2.      Group Discussion: derive musical elements from choral pieces for musicianship teaching

3.      Analysis of choral pieces

Group Work: Plan a musicianship teaching session
Session 4:

24th March

1.      Practicum: Musicianship Teaching

2.      Analysis of choral pieces

3.      Warm-up exercises (Stage 3)

Session 5:

31st March

1.      Rehearsal planning (a 10-week plan)

2.      Musicianship exercises

Design a rehearsal plan for a 10-week course
Session 6:

7th April

1.      Presentation: to present the 10-week rehearsal plan

2.      Q&A Session

Susanna Saw is an active music educator promoting music and choral education in Malaysia. She obtained her Master in Music Education (Choral Focus) from Westminster Choir College, U.S.A. She is currently a Lecturer and Choir Director at the Faculty of Music at University of Malaya (UM) and the Malaysian Institute of Art (M.I.A.)

In 2007, Susanna established the Young Choral Academy in Kuala Lumpur, a venue for choral lovers to learn more about vocal and choral education. She was instrumental in bringing the Kodály Teachers’ Training Course to Malaysia to improve local standards of classroom music teaching.

From 2007 on, Susanna has been regularly invited by the Interkultur Foundation, Germany, to be a member of the Jury for the Asia Pacific and World Choir Games. She is also the Vice-President for the International Kodály Society and the Malaysian Association for Music Education.

Participants will learn about constructing lesson plans, with the inclusion of some practicum components. There will be short assignments and musicianship exercises.