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Chopin and His Cantabile Pieces (Recording)

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Being essentially a percussion instrument, the piano cannot technically produce a true legato. How does one then create the illusion of seamless, cantabile lines on the piano? In this seminar, Bang Hean explores the cantabile style of playing in selected Chopin works, drawing from his Nocturnes and other lyrical pieces as illustration. Aspects discussed include pedalling, touch, rubato, playing Chopin’s fioritura passages and others.

Since his return to Malaysia after studying at the Royal College of Music, London under an ABRSM scholarship as well as postgraduate studies in Italy, Bang Hean has made regular appearances in solo recitals, chamber concerts as well as concerto performances. He has appeared in most major
concert venues in Malaysia and has been featured as a soloist with various local orchestras, the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO). An active chamber musician, he collaborates frequently with various instrumentalists and vocalists, and is a frequent guest pianist at the MPO chamber concert series. Bang Hean has performed abroad in countries such as England, Italy, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Cambodia and Korea. Bang Hean has frequently been invited to adjudicate, examine, and conduct masterclasses and in various countries. A frequent presenter for ABRSM, he has presented seminars around South East Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and China, India and the Middle East.

Works to be featured and discussed (with the approximate levels indicated in the brackets):

Active participants are welcome to bring along their choice of piece for discussion during the relevant sessions

1. John Field – Nocturne no.4 in A (Gr.8)
2. Nocturne B.108 in C minor (Gr.7)
3. Nocturne Op. posth. In C sharp min (Gr.7 & Advanced Certificate)
4. Nocturne Op.9 no.1 in B flat min (ATCL)
5. Nocturne Op.9 no.2 in E flat (Gr.8)
6. Nocturne Op.15 no.1 in F (LTCL)
7. Nocturne Op.15 no.2 in F sharp (ATCL)
8. Nocturne Op.27 no.2 in D flat (LTCL)
9. Nocturne Op.32 no.2 in A flat (ATCL)
10. Nocturne Op.37 no.1 in G min (Gr.8)
11. Nocturne Op.48 no.1 in C min (LTCL)
12. Nocturne Op.48 no.2 in F sharp min (ATCL)
13. Nocturne Op.55 no.1 in F min (AC)
14. Nocturne Op.62 no.2 in E (ARSM & ATCL)
15. Berceuse Op.57 (ARSM)
16. Prelude in D flat Op.28 no.15 ‘Raindrop’ (Gr.8)
17. Impromptu no.3 in G flat Op.51 (ARSM & ATCL)


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