Money & Musicians

This Academy event will deal with the tricky subject of money and musicians, will include conversations on earning a living as a musician, industry rates, funding sources, issues and hurdles, and when (if, and why) one might choose to play for free.

Date: 1 July 2021 (Thursday)
Time: 8 – 9pm SGT

Speakers: Andrew Filmer (Director of Curriculum Development) & Stephen Johnson-Tseu (Institute of Music, UCSI University)

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Stephen Johnson-Tseu

A native of Kota Kinabalu, Stephen has been playing the cello for 15 years and spent half of it performing across three different continents. He currently manages the Diploma programmes at the UCSI Institute of Music in Malaysia. When not at work, he is a big language nerd and has a liking for nature and video games.