Introduction to Digital Media Production

Instructor: Lo Sheng Hong
Duration: 6 x 90-min sessions
Course Schedule: 12 Aug, 19 Aug, 26 Aug, 2 Sept, 9 Sept, 16 Sept (Thursdays, 8.15pm – 9.45pm SGT)

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With so many aspects when it comes to audio and video production, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and lost. In this course, we will begin from the very basics in what you need to get started recording yourself and editing your own videos. Going beyond that, we will help you to understand the logistics and processes, starting from how audio fundamentally works, as opposed to a mere step-by-step guide, to guide you for your own future learning and help you make informed decisions related to production. Ultimately, this will be a course designed for your personal needs and circumstances.

Week 1

Introduction to digital productions for music
Basics of audio recording (including workflow, equipment used, software, intro to acoustics etc.)
Basics of video recording (including basic functions of camera, shot framing etc)
Questions & experience sharing

Week 2 (students to be ready with audacity & resolve software)

Recap on basics of audio and video recording
Learning how to use audacity
Learning how to use davinci resolve
Homework: Mini project 1 (30s video featuring short introduction about self or others)

Week 3 (students to be ready with mini project 1)

(Breakout groups) Peer review of mini project 1
Introduction to Digital Concert Productions
Recording a solo performance at home
Questions & experience sharing
Homework: Mini project 2 (>1min video of a solo performance of self or others)

Week 4

(Breakout groups) Peer review of mini project 2 including presentation of edit session files
Introduction to live streaming
Questions & experience sharing

Week 5

Final project brief
Sample treatment of a virtual ensemble production
(Breakout groups) To conceptualise a virtual performance collaboration within group. Option to compose an original piece using the available instrumentation (instruments that students in the group can play) or to use an existing backing track to layer over.
Homework: Final Project (individual)

Week 6

Final project presentation
Peer review
Recommendations for improving production capabilities in the future
Final remarks and questions

Fascinated by the world of acoustics, Lo Sheng Hong has dedicated his life to all things sound related. A former acoustics engineer in the consumer electronics industry, he is now Director of digital media production company Poco Productions, with the core mission of helping arts groups and musicians expand their audience-base on digital media platforms through efficient and well-produced videos and recordings. He has successfully collaborated with organisations such as the Ministry of Education, Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Singapore International Festival of the Arts, and the National Heritage Board and is a guest instructor at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music.

Final virtual performance to be produced (with contributions by every student)

2-3 mini projects to be submitted during the course (self-produced videos)

Breakout groups (if possible) of max 4 students for peer review of self-produced videos

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