Finding Your Voice

Instructor: Dr. Andrew Filmer (Director Of Curriculum Development)
Duration: 3 x 90-min session
Start Date: Starting soon (Sundays, 3pm – 4.30pm SGT)

Prerequisites: This course is catered to students of high school level and up, and would be particularly useful for university students


The stage is yours. But the notes may not be enough.
The complexity of fugue under your fingers, the cultural depth of a folk tune crafted into art music – these take perseverance in the practice room, but aren’t always easily understood by today’s audience.
| It’s your role to bring life not only to the notes, but to tell the story around which the music weaves. But you’ve been trained in the notes, not the words. So how?
That’s where Finding Your Voice comes in. Prize-winning writer, researcher and public speaker (and musician!) Dr Andrew Filmer takes you on a journey to discover the stage anew, building ideas of how to communicate with audiences, building a new connection and a breath of fresh air into the concert.

Session 1: Finding Your Idea
Where do we begin? Should we talk about the composer, the composition… or discover what it is about your repertoire that speaks personally to you? We begin this journey with this exploration of opportunities that your chosen concert programme provides.

Session 2: Finding Your Words
Finding a topic is one thing… how do I communicate this to an audience? Here we explore multiple ways to build on an idea, to consider different audiences, and find an approach that is both comfortable to you and effectively enhances an understanding of the music you perform.

Session 3: Finding Your Voice
Finally, we look at execution: pace, eye contact, which words to emphasize. We also look at ways to depart from a script, and build confidence as a public speaker.

Andrew Filmer holds a doctorate in musicology, a master’s degree in music performance, and a bachelor’s degree in communication. He combines these three fields in his work as a prize-winning arts communicator, including appearances as narrator for the Selangor Symphony Orchestra and the Songweavers. His programme notes have been discovered and published by organisations in the United States and Hong Kong, and as a doctoral candidate he represented two New Zealand universities at the Trans Tasman 3-Minute Thesis Competition, emerging in the top 8 of some 40 institutions in 2012.

Participants will build their own public speaking component, and will progressively develop this from session to session.

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