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ABRSM Grade 5 Theory Course

SG $170.00SG $210.00

The course aims to teach music theory based on the ABRSM Grade 5 syllabus in an online setting. Slides, music examples, audio files, and interactive questions are used to make learning engaging, catering to a younger audience. All learning components are suited to the ABRSM syllabus and participants who have gone through the course should be better prepared for the new online exam paper.

Kenneth Lim is a Master’s Degree graduate from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and was the first prize winner of the Birmingham Conservatoire Piano Prize in 2017, the first prize winner of the Delia Hall Accompaniment Prize in 2016 and the second prize winner of the Birmingham Philharmonic Orchestra Concerto Prize in 2015. After graduating from Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Kenneth was offered a position to teach bilingual piano lessons in international schools in Beijing, China. He was also invited to play solo recitals across Malaysia, Cambodia and most recently at Steinway Hall, Beijing. The valuable working experience he gathered in this one year led to his first entrepreneurial journey – the opening of The Monument Music Academy in Melaka, Malaysia. In just two years time, The Monument Music Academy has successfully enrolled over two hundred students across South East Asia with its flagship Online Theory Course. He is now the owner of The Monument Music Academy and the Music Director of Melaka Youth String Orchestra.

Week 1 – Rhythm (simple/compound/irregular time and grouping, rewriting from simple to compound or vice versa, quintuplets and sextuplets, choosing correct time signature.
Week 2 – Pitch (Tenor C clef, transposition at the octave or between clefs, transposition to concert pitch for instruments at Bb, A and F, enharmonic equivalence
Week 3 – Keys and Scales (key signature up to 6 flats/sharps for all clefs, all major and minor scales, selecting clefs to form scales, identifying keys looking at melody, chromatic scale
Week 4 – Intervals (naming intervals, naming qualities, compound intervals, chromatic intervals, selecting notes to form a certain interval)
Week 5 – Chords & Inversions (Chords I, II, IV and V for all keys, cadences, inversions)
Week 6 – Terms & Signs (Foreign terms from Grade 1-5, written out ornaments, music in context)
Week 7 – Instruments from the Orchestra (families of the orchestra, playing range, characteristics)
Week 8 – Online Practice Paper

Answering questions live, worksheet submission