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SG $5.00SG $10.00

拥有充足的的音乐曲目库。你在选择教学曲目时需要依靠什么“工具”呢?“出色的学前教育机构会精心选择玩具、书籍、家具和操场设备等设备。在这方面,他们考虑了儿童发展的各个阶段,儿童的能力和技能,学习目标和良好品质的形成。学习音乐的玩具是歌曲,它应该像幼儿园玩具一样小心。”(Donna Wood 幼儿音乐专家)像营养学家、药剂师或设计师一样,钢琴教师需要知道什么教学原则,通过关键的战略性、有效的曲目来指导教学,以达到音乐效果。加入Julie她的分享会吧。她将揭示这些工具,并分享她的曲目库和创造性的教学方式。


This workshop series is supported under UTAP for 50% course fee support.

National Instructors and Coaches Association (NICA) was formed by the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) to be the collective voice to support freelance coaches and instructors from sports, outdoor learning and adventure, visual and performing arts, fitness, wellness, and enrichment, to strengthen skills, standards and opportunities.

In supporting NICA members with skills deepening programmes at the Academy, NICA members enjoy lower course and conference fees through the Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP) which provides 50% subsidy of the balance unfunded course/conference fee, up to $250 or $500 (for NTUC union members aged 40 and above).*

If you wish to be part of a bigger voice for coaches and instructors, please sign up to be a NICA member at: (Note: to indicate ‘NICA’ under the field for Company Name). Find out more about NICA at: or

*This excludes miscellaneous fees such as GST and registration fee etc.

Here are some additional info regarding UTAP eligibility:

Please note that members are required to fulfil the following conditions to be eligible for UTAP reimbursement:

  1. Paid-up union membership before course commencement, throughout whole course duration and at the point of claim
  2. Course by training provider must be supported under UTAP, and training must commence within the supported period
  3. Course must not be funded through company sponsorship or other types of funding
  4. Unfunded course fee must be S$20.00 and above
  5. Member must achieve a minimum of 75% attendance for each application and sat for all prescribed examination(s), if any
  6. UTAP application must be submitted within 6 months after course completion

Please refer to the UTAP Application Guide for members to apply UTAP via the U-Portal. Should trainees have queries on the funding scheme, they can email to or call NTUC Membership Hotline at 6213-8008.