Tan Qin Ying

Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music

Lauded by Cleveland Classical as “an excellent soloist, a compelling performer who is equally comfortable handling long strings of notes… and singing through emotive melodies with her instrument,” Dr. Tan Qin Ying is one of Singapore’s foremost harpsichordists. Performances this season includes appearances with Red Dot Baroque, Apollo’s Fire, Piano Cleveland, City Music, ORMACO Inc., the Performing Arts Series at the Cleveland Museum of Art, SEA Music Academy, and Affekt, which Tan co-directs.

A firm believer of story-telling through music, Tan draws from a diverse pool of influences such as baroque French court dance, Indonesian gamelan music, Chinese guzheng practice, as well as community song and dance. Dr. Tan serves as music director at Forest Hills Presbyterian Church in Cleveland Heights and co-directs the Resonance Masters’ Series near Seattle. Dr Tan was recently appointed to Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music as harpsichord faculty.