In this session, multi-instrumentalist Dr Ismet Ruchimat will introduce you to the beauty and aesthetics of traditional Indonesian music, and how he transforms this unique musical heritage into a modern context with his brainchild, SambaSunda. From Bandung, SambaSunda is like nothing else in Sunda (west Java) or the rest of Indonesia. At the root of their sound is Sundanese traditional music played on bamboo instruments to which they have added Latin rhythms, other Western music or combined it with Balinese gamelan, which they then have combined with their local jaipong music. Participants will learn new insights in how a traditional music group could lead the field in applying the urban energy to the multifarious traditional music of the Indonesian archipelago.


Dr Ismet Ruchimat is a multi-talented artist and academician. He is the respected leader of the internationally renown Sundanese gamelan jazz group, SambaSunda, introducing Sundanese gamelan music to the world through many international collaborations. Today, as the Vice Director of the Postgraduate Program at ISI Bandung, and the Artistic Director of Matasora Festival Bandung, Ismet creates many opportunities for local musicians and his students to work with different artists and genres, locally and internationally.