As Southeast Asia fluctuates between locking down and opening up, we are reminded of how music education can be not only educational, but a companion to young children growing up in these turbulent times. When done right, online music activities can be far more than having kids sit in front of screens: they can have them on their feet, crafting stories, and building both skills of listening and imagination.

Following two highly successful conferences, the SEA Music Academy Online is now ready to tackle the challenge of hosting an online music festival specifically geared towards children. We aim that this event will provide enrichment and education, but also remind our young ones that they can connect to new friends from both near and far.

Our team of specialists bring together decades of experience specialising in the nurturing of young talents, and this festival caters for both children with and without a background in music. Our activities will involve physical movement, engagement, creativity, and family participation.

Whether you are stuck at home, or are beginning to re-engage with the outside world, join us and children from around Southeast Asia in this whirlwind of a musical adventure, reminding us that in this big, big world, music is our kampung.