Submissions for College Student Presentations

The Southeast Asia Music Academy Online is pleased to announce a call for submissions for our upcoming online conference, New Recipes for Music Teaching & Performance, June 1-2. The conference brings together minds and experience from an impressive breadth of musical disciplines, with Benjamin Zander as our keynote speaker.

With a mission to provide opportunities to a new generation of professional musicians, the Academy is finding a space in our conference for university students. Student presentations allow them to be a part of the adventure of sharing knowledge and passion to a community of music teachers and performers.

Presentation topics can range from repertoire you’re currently working on, to areas of music new to you that you’re eager to explore – so long as the presentation provides new ideas as food for thought for the community (the conference is about new recipes, after all!)

Application Process

Interested applicants should email us with a 500-word outline of the proposed presentation, which should include:

  • A title (make it catchy as well as informative)
  • At least two main references (books or articles on your topic)
  • Findings (new ideas, your contribution to knowledge)
  • Recommendations (how those new ideas can be applied by the community)

Need Help?

As a student, this may be an entirely new expedition for you. If you are keen to join the conference, but are not sure how to prepare this presentation, the Academy is offering a College Student Research Consultation Session with Dr Andrew Filmer, to discuss what you could prepare, Saturday 8 May, 10-11am via Zoom, at no cost.


There will be no charge for student presentations at this conference. Additionally, all applicants who meet the requirements of a proposal (whether or not the proposal is accepted for the conference) will be given the opportunity to attend the rest of the conference at a 50% discount.

Email us at to register for the College Student Research Consultation Session, and to submit your proposals.

Final proposals should be submitted by 15 May, and we will select 2-4 presentations for the conference. Results of the selection will be announced by 18 May.